Digital Printing

Demand on Printing

If you are sign maker, there many kinds of printings need to know.


This is the traditional Media, from the 3M’s Panaflex, and Starflex, and now there are so many factories making this media. It works with solvent or UV printing technology. now there is fabric style new banners coming. future trend remove the PVC and replace it likes PE or PU.

2. Vinyl / SAV / Sticker

This media has many types for different application and usage. you can choose right one for your customer and also need to choose printing by Solvent or UV ink.

3. Board / Plate

Development of UV printing make possible to direct print on Boards. Traditionally, you need to laminate the roll-media to board to finishing the product, but thanks to UV printing technology, you can print it directly. So it is more clean and better quality. and with the white color, there is high-value works you can produce. Layers printing, Color board printing are the good examples.

4. Other media

There is also water-based ink for Demand on printing service. this type of ink has advantage on eco-friendly. but also has weakness on the outdoor strength. Ink is cheap, so the price can be cheaper, and you can express the good resolution. it may good choice for indoor application but you need to do lamination on every job.