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LED MODULE for channel letter signage (3-chip)

It is widely used as back light of Channel letter Signage.

channel letter signage 이미지 검색결과
The day time channel letter signage (Left), and the night time channel letter signage with LED MODULE (right). it seems they use the “one-way sheet (PVC vinyl)” for the different color appear day and night.
3-chip SAMSUNG 2835 chip LED MODULE, it is popular size and have enough lightness.

You need to check the technical details follows…

  1. It should be SMD LED Mounted.
  2. Check the Certificate, For example, CE or UL
  3. Powers, DC12v, DC24v, and there is also AC power for it. you need led converter if you use DC.
  4. Water Proof level, aka IP grades
  5. Light angle, normally it is 120 degree to 160 degree.
  6. Installation type. normally they support 3M tape on the back side or screw on.
  7. Dimensions. the physical size of LED module and the mid-distance of that.

Connecting Guide

If you use the single color, this is the right connecting way.
If you use the RGB Led module, This is the right connecting way.

Assemble inside the signage

Use the tape on backside or use the screw for fixture. also you can use additional glue for better fixture and better productivity. Screw is strong but it takes many time to do.

Use the right LED Module is very important, because it is cheap product but once it is broken, you need to use Special trucks to repair the Signage, and it’s labor cost also very high.