Basic, UV Printing

What is UV printing?

What is UV printing?

When we talk about direct printing on different materials such as aluminum, wood, cardboard, plastic, acrylic, etc. we do not think that this process as digital. This type of printing has always been done with screen printing, pad printing, etc. Today we have a digital printing solution with UV-curable ink, what we called UV printer,it with many advantages over other types of printing, since the demand for a fast, quality, efficient and economic system is the goal of many industrial markets.

UV is shorten of Ultra-violet, which use UV curing technology to dry the materials during printing, The curing principle is that the uv wave emitted by the led cold light source lamp reacts with the photosensitive curing agent in the uv ink, causing the pigment molecules in the uv ink to solidify on the surface of the material.