This is the economic and easy installation solution for making thicker lightbox.

this LED tube replace the traditional OSRAM fluorescent light

BILLBOARD or Big-light box, We had used OSRAM fluorescent light with converter. this was the only solution for the application but it has a year or less life time, so we had to change the light many times.

Now we have better option which use LED chip. It has advantage on lifetime, price, and easier installation.

about lifetime, it is depends on the LED chip, if you use the SAMSUNG or CREE chip, the lifetime will be 3~5 years even 10 years. generally, the other chips also has at least 2 years.

price, it is a little expensive than OSRAM fluorescent light, but as it has no need to use converter, you can save cost form it. so total cost is cheaper. and the electrical cost from customer side, it is much cheaper as it is LED.

Installation, only you need to do is connect each other. so it is very easy.

This is the new solution for light box.

Installation sample
Light-box examples

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