The future of Signage making

Signage making is alway never been so easy. Traditionally, this industry is fit on the small and medium size company. 3 or 5 workers or family business.

At that time, there is rarely a machine for signage making. But there came some machines and digital printers for them. Thanks to them, the productivity is rapidly increased. There comes big companies on our area.

Solvent printer was the innovation on making banners. CNC router and CO2 laser cutters also reduce man power greatly. And there are so many machines now supporting sign makers.

But still, compare to other manufacturing, signage has the limit on its machines supporting. Because it is based on the many kinds and each kinds are small quantities. For example, if a customer wants to get a channel letter signage for a restaurant and another for a car repair center. These two signages are total different style.

So, our working process is rely on man power on a big portion. And the owners are getting challenged about labor cost and working environment. Our owners choose either to make smaller their size which controllable and focus on certain area.

Thanks to the mega trend of automation. There are so many things under development for signage makings. Surely it will need more time to things happen. But I surely this time will come soon and the sign makers have to be prepared or adopt it in advance as the first mover!

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