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The differences between Epson locked printheads and original printheads.

As we all know, Epson printheads have excellent performance in terms of printing accuracy and output speed. However, as Epson’s printheads, compared with original printheads, locked printheads have a possible intellectual property risk, in addition, they don’t have equal Epson’s technical support, lifespan, production efficiency and quality assurance. Let’s specifically summarize the differences between Epson’s original printheads and locked printheads.

Firstly, Epson original printheads have a longer life, which is mainly reflected in three aspects.

1. For the print head itself, locked printheads are designed for home-use printers, while the original printheads are for industrial printers, and the manufacturing process of internal construction is constantly updated;

2. Control board. The design of electrical control signals for locked heads are only be based on the experience of designer. Because there is no Epson support, the compatibility cannot be guaranteed, on the other hand, it needs decryption card. The original heads’ control boards are designed based on Epson printhead specifications, and do not require a decryption card;

3. Ink. The design of locked head ink is “crossing the river by feeling the stones”, and the compatibility cannot be guaranteed. For the original head, Epson designs proprietary UV inks and eco-solvent inks, and cooperates with ink manufacturers to carry out matching experiments to greatly increase the life span of the printheads.

Secondly, Epson’s original print head has higher production efficiency, which is also reflected in three aspects.

1. Printing speed. Locked printheads on the market generally reach about 17KHz, and original printheads can achieve 21.6KHz, which can improve production efficiency by 25%;

2. Printing stability. Locked heads use locked waveform of Epson home-use printer, and the setting of drive voltage is based on experience only. The original heads have formal waveform, and printing is more stable. At the same time, it can also provide matched driving voltage to minimize the color difference, finally get a better printing quality.

3. Ink correspondence. The matching and debugging of locked head ink and waveform rely on experience, which is not only wasting time and poorly matched. For original printheads, Epson will send the basic waveform to the control board partner and provide technical support together with them, in this way greatly improve production efficiency.

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