Digital Printing

How can I get TRUE COLOR with my inkjet printer?

How can I get TRUE COLOR with my inkjet printer?

There are several possbilities that can affect the printing color:

1.Printer model: accurately means the electronic boards and printhead within printer.

2.Ink type:normally digital printer manufacturers never produce ink themselves, they only purchase suitable ink for their products

3.RIP software:there’re several famouse RIP software companies from different countries such as Onyx,Photoprint,Printfactory,Caldera,etc. They support almost all printers in the market.

4.ICC profile:ICC profile is the link between RIP software and printer, the color of output printing denends on suitable ICC file.

5.Material: for same printer,normally you will get a little different effect with different materials, even these materials from same famous manufacturer. that’s why they suggest to print out large picture with same roll material.

For all digital inkjet printer manufacturers, they will purchase ink from supplier and test them in order to confirm this brand of ink suitable for their products,without damage for printhead after longtime printing. then they will make ICC with tested ink for their printer before shipping for customers. That’s why manufacturers suggested to use original ink for their products, it’s not only for making a profit, also for protecting printer and printheads. Because bad quality ink will damage printhead while printing.

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